“The Interview” Half 2 with Alicia Richards – Pastor John Brock from Trinity Lutheran in Camp Hill

“The Interview” Part 2 with Alicia Richards – Pastor John Brock from Trinity Lutheran in Camp Hill

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — We all know how tough 2020 was as a whole. So the question everyone is asking this year: how do we make it better?

Join ABC27’s Alicia Richards on her journey to speak with a few faith leaders around the community in an attempt to find some calm, inspiration, and understanding.

This is part 2 of a special series – titled “The Interview.” The guest for this segment is Pastor John Brock, from Trinity Lutheran Church in Camp Hill.

Pastor John Brock dreams about the end of the pandemic too. And that’s not the only way he’s like you and me.

“Hopefully after all the awful tings happen we can look back and say, oh yes, God was definitely with me during that time.”

He knows about awful times. He lost his mother, not to COVID-19, but, he believes to the loneliness brought on by covid isolation.

“Sometimes during that awful time, we don’t feel that presence, but if we have the faith or even if we don’t have the faith, God is still with us,” said Brock.

Pastor Brock says the thing he’s hearing most from his parishioners is that they want to be back in church, in person. But that’s not happening at Trinity Lutheran, as they are most concerned about people’s safety.

John Brock is from the Chicago suburbs. He graduated from Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg, and he has been one of three pastors at Trinity Lutheran for 19 years now. He also raised his family right here in the Midstate.

He’s been preaching hope a lot this year. Something he hopes people keep in mind when it comes to people discussions, “what we need to strive to do is to realize that, you know what, we can have different goals and still – especially if we’re family – you have different goals but still strive to love one another. Politics should not in my opinion be something that splits a family apart.”


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