Scavello and different GOP officers ignored protocol, went maskless at Gettysburg occasion | Letter

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What is wrong with state Sen. Mario Scavello? With the pandemic raging across Pennsylvania, why in the world was he speaking without a mask to a Pennsylvania Republican Policy Committee meeting at a Gettysburg hotel, where no one was social distancing? Within 24 hours state Sen. Doug Mastriano, also maskless in Gettysburg, tested positive for COVID-19.

Scavello, who represents Monroe and part of Northampton County, willfully participated in one more super-spreader event, ignoring public health guidelines and knowing this behavior can kill people! Since when does our senator decide to ignore science?

Subsequently, Republican Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman admitted, “We made a mistake.” Really?

Perhaps holding the meeting at all was the big mistake, giving unhinged Rudy Giuliani one more forum to lie about election fraud that never happened. The Pennsylvania League of Women Voters, national security experts, and the United States Attorney General have all affirmed these were the most “secure” elections with no problems significant enough to change the outcome.

What kind of pathetic judgment does it take for Scavello to put more lives at risk instead of modeling the life-saving actions all epidemiologists and public health specialists say is essential to slow the spread of the virus?

Lilly Gioia

Forks Township


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