Rudy’s Phony Fraud Listening to in Gettysburg Debuts Trump’s Shadow Authorities

Rudy’s Phony Fraud Hearing in Gettysburg Debuts Trump’s Shadow Government

After his porn business alongside the Presser and appearing alongside avid conspirator Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani made a more elegant attempt to question the election results at a hearing on Wednesday in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Even before the President of the United States decided to call, it was a leg up for a shadow government – an alternative government for an alternative reality that is bad for what is to come in the next few years.

In case you missed it, this Pennsylvania Republican legislature meeting was billed as a "hearing," although that description is a bit misleading. There weren't any Democrats (at least not what I've seen). But it had the traps. It looked like. Indeed, the most remarkable thing was how normal most of it seemed. Several senators and representatives of the state sat on the podium, none of whom were basically in the central casting. If you were into Republican politics before Trump, it was essentially standard-edition Pols, meaning there were no visible aluminum foil hats, just ill-fitting suits and red ties.

Unfortunately, speaking as a Conservative, I am not surprised that there may be some “irregularities” or “anomalies” in relation to vote counting or “chain of custody” issues in Philadelphia. It would be like finding out that there is gambling in Casablanca.

This is all to say that I would not normally be hostile to these allegations (in fact, I am made to believe them). However, to be receptive to this news one would not have to pay attention to what has happened in the past few months. And (unfortunately) I paid too much attention.

So when I hear what sounds like honest or compelling examples of electoral fraud, I am immediately asked other questions. Like, for example, these allegations of good old-fashioned electoral fraud (votes of the dead, chain of custody issues, observers not allowed to see the count) are consistent with the last time I saw Giuliani when he (along with Sidney Powell) claims that the voting software developed by Hugo Chavez switched the votes from Trump to Biden?

I mean, if voices can be magically manipulated by machines to break off or switch voices, why bother letting dead people vote? I am also haunted by Trump's constant premonitions that the election would be stolen. I mean, isn't it a coincidence that Trump literally spent months saying nothing that the only way he could lose is if the Democrats stole the election, and then he loses the election, and amazingly it was "stolen" "?

Of note here is that, unlike recent events, Wednesday's meeting seemed to focus less on conspiracies (though there were some) and more on credible (if impossible to prove) allegations. It featured "normal" Republicans like Senator Doug Mastriano, who requested the hearing and whose opening address referred to Gettysburg, Ben Franklin, John Adams and Abraham Lincoln. "We're here today to find out what the hell happened in the elections," he said. Pretty normal sounding stuff that is hard to argue with in any other context.

And of course the President was there. True, Donald Trump didn't really bother to show up, but he ended up calling when it went on, just like a real government hearing. He thanked the OAN for broadcasting it and encouraged Republican lawmakers to continue the fight and hit back anyone who doesn't believe they really won this supposedly "fraudulent", "rigged" election, despite what voters, states and courts found to have?

"Don't let these people intimidate you," said Trump. "But they are bad people, terrible people. They are people who don't love our country."

He also took time to praise a friend. "I would like to thank Rudy Giuliani for the courage to do this," said Trump. "Other lawyers had withdrawn because they were yelled at … This will be your crowning glory because you are saving our country."

I'm still curious: Did Trump (who was originally supposed to be in person) skip attending the event because Giuliani was exposed to someone with COVID (as many initially speculated) or because Trump feared Rudy was being joked and he secured off his bets to see how the pre-accession hearing shook?

Given that Trump already had COVID (which presumably means he's not susceptible to the virus) and that despite his exposure, Rudy still went to Gettysburg and risked exposing a room full of people – and that Rudy's last press conference was in a laugh transformed camp – I suspect the latter. The event started at 12:30 p.m. (CET), but it wasn't until around 1:51 p.m. that Trump started using social media and encouraging people to watch it. Why the delay in promoting the event? Had something important happened that we don't know about, or was Trump just waiting for this not to be another clown show?

It wasn't exactly a clown show, but it certainly wasn't an attempt to win a lawsuit. And while Rudy and others talked about lawmakers blaming the state of Trump, it wasn't really an attempt to reverse the results either.

What we saw instead was the performance of a government in exile. Except that the government includes actual Republican lawmakers and its boss is still in charge of the actual state through January 20th.

It is an attempt to persuade people in the long run that Trump was the real winner and that Biden, like Obama, is not a really legitimate president.

In this case we can look back and see the city of Gettysburg in a completely new context.


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