New State Vaccine Dashboard Exhibits solely a Third of Accessible Adams County Vaccines Have Been Used – Gettysburg Information

New State Vaccine Dashboard Shows only a Third of Available Adams County Vaccines Have Been Used – Gettysburg Connection

The Department of Health's newly released COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard, which lists the number of vaccinations given by the county, shows that only 336 people have been vaccinated in Adams since the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine nearly three weeks ago.

The Department of Health reported last week that 975 doses of the Pfizer vaccine had been delivered to Gettysburg Wellspan Hospital, but a Wellspan spokesperson did not explain why the vaccines had not been used in active work in the areas that were either inpatient or outpatient direct contact with COVID-19 patients was asked to register for a vaccination. This number varies from hospital to hospital depending on the size of the facility. The vaccine sales outlets will remain open and will actively distribute the vaccine to eligible healthcare workers as they schedule their appointments. "

While we may have to wait a long time, there is no indication of when more vaccines will arrive in the county or who will receive them if they do.

According to the federal vaccination program Operation Warp Speed, 126 long-term care facilities across the Commonwealth are slated to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, but no schedule has been reported.

Health Secretary Rachel Levine today announced a new program that requires vaccine providers such as hospitals and pharmacies to commit at least 10 percent of their vaccine shipments to unaffiliated healthcare providers to ensure supplies are available.

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