Man Discovered Clinging To Capsized Boat Off Coast Of Florida Arrives In Delaware Following Rescue – CBS Philly

Man Found Clinging To Capsized Boat Off Coast Of Florida Arrives In Delaware Following Rescue – CBS Philly

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) — A man rescued at sea on Sunday is in Delaware and talking about his ordeal. Eyewitness News was there Tuesday when he arrived in Wilmington.

“You know the world’s most interesting man? I’m just the opposite,” Stuart Bee said.

But he sure has a fascinating story to tell.

“I fell asleep and the water came gushing in and pushed me to the front,” he said.

That was Friday, some 86 miles off of Florida’s coast, the 62-year-old was alone on his boat.

He says he didn’t even have time to send out a distress signal but he was able to climb on top of the bow, the only part of the vessel still above water.

“For a minute there I was thinking, this is really bad. There is no one around,” he said.

Stuart Bee clung on top of his capsized boat for more than two days before he was rescued by an angel of sorts.

“I took my shirt off and waved at it several times,” said Bee.

A 738-foot shipping boat, the Angeles, carrying a load of Chiquita bananas from Florida to Delaware, spotted the distressed boater.

“Hi, uh Good morning. This is motor vessel, Angeles. “We just rescued one person from a capsizing boat,” the vessel’s captain said. “Stuart Bee. Stuart Bee. Yes sir, that is the gentleman we’ve been looking for. That is the gentleman we’ve been looking for. Thank you.”

The captain notified the coast guard they would continue on their way with their new passenger to the port in Wilmington.

“My crew is taking care of him. Give him some blankets and some dry clothes,” the captain said.

Bee says his trip to Wilmington was better than even the most opulent cruise.

“Those guys are just the nicest people ever. They kept feeding me, and I said, ‘I don’t eat that much,’” Bee said.

His niece is reportedly coming to Philadelphia tonight to be with him.

CBS3’s Greg Argos contributed to this report.


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