Gettysburg elementary faculty transferring to full distant studying for subsequent week on account of COVID-19 circumstances

Gettysburg elementary school moving to full remote learning for next week due to COVID-19 cases

The school building is closed from Thursday, September 17th to Friday, September 25th.

GETTYSBURG, PA. – A primary school in Gettysburg will be switched to distance learning for the next week due to COVID-19 cases.

According to a post on the Gettysburg Area School District website late Wednesday afternoon, the Pennsylvania Department of Health notified the district of two positive cases of COVID-19 among James Gettys Elementary staff.

After consulting the Department of Health, it was decided to move students at James Gettys Elementary School to distance learning from Thursday through September 25th.

The school building itself is closed from September 17th to Friday, September 25th.

The school will return to “personal” learning on Monday 28 September.

Families are encouraged to continue to monitor their children for symptoms of COVID-19 and to consult their child’s family doctor if there are any health concerns. However, the district states that the Department of Health has advised the school that no further contract follow-up is required.

"Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and support as we continue to navigate this brief shutdown and our current environment." Superintendent Jason Perrin said at the end of a note to parents.


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