GASD To Contemplate Leaving the YAIAA Convention – Gettysburg Information

GASD To Consider Leaving the YAIAA Conference – Gettysburg Connection

The Gettysburg Area School District Board of Directors will consider moving district athletics from the York-Adams Interscholastic Athletic Association (YAIAA) conference to the Mid Penn Conference (MPC).

YAIAA has 23 schools mostly in the Adams-York region and includes Bermudian Springs, Fairfield, Delone Catholic, New Oxford, Biglerville, and Littlestown.

MPC includes 30 schools from as far away as State College, none of which are in Adams County.

The board voted unanimously to consider the move after board member Alan Moyer asked for the consideration.

Moyer said of the YAIAA that “the rigidity of their rules and regulations sometimes limits us in our programs.”  He said the change would have both academic and competitive implications.

Board president Kenneth Hassinger asked if the board could have a recommendation from district staff by November or early December. “Times change,” said Hassinger.

Board member Kathleen Pratt said “this is the first time I’m hearing this suggestion.  I would encourage (Athletic Director Casey Thurston) to be the impetus for this. I would hope the board would honor whatever she would recommend.”

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