Eagle Scout Candidate Will Construct a Gaga Pit within the Rec Park – Gettysburg Information

Eagle Scout Candidate Will Build a Gaga Pit in the Rec Park – Gettysburg Connection

Wil Brubaker from Boy Scout Troop 79 will be building a Gaga pit at the Gettysburg Area Recreational Authority (GARA) theme park this summer for his Eagle Scout project.

The game of Gaga is played in a small ring and is described as the "safe version of the dodgeball". The game uses a kickball or volleyball and the last person hit by the ball is the winner. However, players can only hit others below the knee (or waist) and must keep the ball in the pit.

Brubaker said Gaga pits were a "hotspot" in his troop activities and he thought they would be popular with children and attract people to the park.

"It's small and doesn't take up too much space," said Brubaker.

The pit is built with pressure treated boards and the players bring their own kickballs.

Brubaker said funding would come from local businesses, family and friends.

The location of the pit in the park has yet to be determined.

I think it would be a great addition to the park, said GARA board member Jimmy Phelps. "It's a simple game – all you need is a ball."

Phelps said there had been "an ongoing problem with children drinking, smoking and cursing" at the skate park.

Phelps said the perpetrators committed the behavior in public and in front of families and young children. "It's every day. There are a handful of children who do this over and over again. They absolutely don't care. I've talked to them, but they know nothing is going to happen," Phelps said.

Phelps said an officer with the Gettysburg Police Department said police could document the violations if they were called while they were occurring.

In the future, the board agreed that the police should be called if rules were broken.

GARA said it may be interested in holding New Years Eve fireworks at the theme park in the future and it will contact the Gettysburg Area Retail Merchants' Association (GARMA) for a discussion.

Peddigree said there had been some unexpected expenses at GARA due to defective equipment and a defective oven.

According to Pedigree, the park events were "roughly on par with previous years" and there were a number of drive-through events, including a harvest festival pickup, food rides, and toy rides. "They are getting popular," said Peddigree.

Peddigree said the Soccer Shots program for young children will begin in the Sterner Building, and Little League registrations will also begin.

Peddigree said that since GARA is neither a community nor a nonprofit, it received only $ 258 from the county's FAIR grant but $ 4,944 from the Community Foundation's Giving Spree.

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