Democratic Candidate Todd Rowley Explains His Politics [Episode 39] – Gettysburg Information

Democratic Candidate Todd Rowley Explains His Politics [Episode 39] – Gettysburg Connection

I had the great pleasure this week of speaking with Todd Rowley, the 13th District Democratic candidate for the US Congress.

I met Rowley from his house on the far west of his borough in Westmoreland County, where he lives with his family.

Prior to becoming a candidate for office, Rowley had made a career as a paramedic, Maryland soldier, paramedic paramedic, and special agent with the FBI, where he guarded the US Attorney General with Air Force One.

Rowley is a humble and personable candidate who really appreciates the responsibility of the position. He eloquently and sensitively describes his wishes to make a difference for us.

Rowley is transparent about himself, his worries and his hopes for our country. He is a true politician and I am sure that you will enjoy this interview and learn from it.

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